Why We Exist

MgS04 Corporation is a state-of-the-art wellness company that markets and sells products derived from magnesium sulfate. MgS04 leverages its expertise in formularies utilizing magnesium sulfate to serve humanity by ensuring that all people have equitable access to a highly needed commodity that has become scarce in the soil and our bodies. MgS04 will use its expertise to combat the many ailments that have come about from the Earth's depletion of magnesium sulfate, with its proprietary range of products.

Management Team

Zacharia Ali is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Member of ZAR Capital Group ("ZAR"), a specialized advisory and investment services firm that has dedicated its resources to bringing practical solutions to the governments of Africa. During the past 20 years Ali has amassed a multitude of valuable resources, enabling him to connect financial providers with emerging businesses that possess large market potential and proprietary characteristics, such as protected technologies or diverse market positions. ZAR also serves as the exclusive African and Middle Eastern distributor for the Plycem housing systems that is owned by the Mexican based company Elementia.

Roger Shiffman began working at a toy wholesaler just as electronic games were being embraced by the masses in the late 1970's. In time, his passions led Shiffman to build in separate phases of his career, two highly successful toy companies. In 1978, with a partner, he created Tiger Electronics, which developed electronic handheld games and many other toys. Among the high-tech and highly successful toys they created were Talkboy, Gigapets, Turboman, Poochi and Furby, which ignited a public sensation. In three years, Tiger sold more than 55 million of the cuddly talking robotic toys. In 1998 Tiger was the largest privately owned toy company in the US and was acquired by Hasbro (HAS). Shiffman stayed on with Tiger and then Hasbro, a $4 billion public company tapped him to be worldwide President of marketing and brand development.

In 2005 Mr. Shiffman founded Zizzle, LLC. and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Zizzle scored a smashing victory shortly after its creation, when it won coveted rights to the worldwide master toy license to make toys based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and all sequels. Zizzle's Dead Man's Chest play set was named one of the top toys of 2006 by the Toy Industry Association and Zizzle was one of the fastest growing new toy company's in history after just over one short year. Mr. Shiffman has been a consultant in the retail industry since 2001. Over the course of his career he has stewarded the development of thousands of toys and games and other consumer products.

Mr. Shiffman is active in several charitable foundations and serves as the global Chairman for the Board of Directors of the Starlight Children's Foundation. During Mr. Shiffman's tenure Starlight Children's Foundation continues as a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world.

David Scher is a proven professional with more then 30 years of experience bringing some of the most innovative consumer products to market. From startup to some of the most noted Fortune 500 companies, Scher's leadership has helped create and drive many brands into mega successes.

Beginning at Mattel where he was quickly promoted to Vice President of Sales from JR Sales executive, Scher made his name managing K Mart, then the second largest account for the company. In 1989 Scher left Mattel to start David Scher Inc. a full service sales and marketing company representing many of the toy industries biggest names. During this time, of note was Scher's work for Tiger Electronics, the largest privately held toy company in the world until its sale to Hasbro in 1998. Among the toys launched by Tiger were: Hit Clips, Poo Chi, Talkboy and, of course, Furby which generated more than 40 million units sold in 43 countries and 17 languages. At the same time, Scher was building the WWE action figure business into a $50 mm annual sales business for Jakks Pacific. Continuing to current, where he represents Wowwee Toys and was responsible for more then $30,000,000 in sales of the company's Paper Jamz music toys.

Scher's prowess carries far beyond sales as he has served on the executive management teams at startup companies including Zizzle Toys into a $50,000,000 in two years and The Bridge Direct which did $20,000,000 in its first full year in business.

Lindsey Scher is a third generational toy sales professional that began her career as a marketing intern for product sales and entertainment companies such as Zizzle LLC., iTeddy, and Paramount Pictures while attending Miami University. After graduating cum laude with an undergraduate degree in International studies, Lindsey began her successful run as a sales professional, where she's consistently performed at the top level proving her talent and expertise.

While employed at the The Wish Factory Inc., Lindsey's overall responsibility was to manage and direct client accounts, product lines, along with creating marketing and promotional strategies. During her time at The Wish Factory Inc., she created a strong network with Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Justice, Five Below, Big Lots, Shopko and Meijer. Lindsey's hard work and diligence was evident, as she single-handedly generated sales revenue of $1,800,000 in less than one year.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Lindsey interests include community involvement as a current sponsor and former volunteer for Adopt-A-Bull-Rescue and lead volunteer and activity planner for Adopt-A-Classroom in her home state of Florida. Lindsey is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

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